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WHITE CEDAR CAPITAL is made up of a group of seasoned and talented professionals who guide, protect and perpetuate the wealth of our valued clients. By using a well-thought-out unbiased and sophisticated approach to financial planning, portfolio management, estate planning, asset protection and risk management, we bring organization, structure and a sense of stability to clients. We offer a comprehensive suite of services to high net worth individuals, business owners, professional athletes and retirees.


Our culture demands and rewards analytical rigor and adherence to the highest possible ethical and legal standard.  We've cultivated a collegial work environment that promotes collaboration across disciplines, geographies, and investment strategies. Our firm has been built in part by attempting to do what other companies might consider impossible or never imagined at all. A single transformative strategy that ultimately works -- for a new client, a new portfolio, or an existing client -- is worth a dozen strategies that lead nowhere. We've learned that when an extraordinary team sets extraordinarily ambitious goals, astonishing breakthroughs can be expected. That is why we believe developing a strategy for a client is done with time, patience and well-thought-out first time implementations.